Our curriculum is designed in a liberal and flexible way. It allows a student free time to organize work-study schedules commuting efficiency. The latitude of the curriculum encourages students to sign for and explore many disciplines and to develop a deep understanding in one area of concentration. Students apply to the American University of Europe, not to individual departments, programs, or schools. Once enrolled, students may pursue either the Bachelor of Arts/Sciences, The Masters among others. Within these degree programs, students can choose from more than 20 concentrations and more than 30 interdepartmental certificate programs.

Our Vision

To Accelerate the progress while maintaining the highest elaborate learning environment that continuously preserves and transmits knowledge for the service of wisdom and mankind.

Our Mission

AUE is a Twenty-First Century Liberal and Global Education facility, it enables its diverse global attendees to a progressive and upskilled mindset where critical thinking, adaptability, diversity, and sustainability according to the UN 2030 agenda are consecrated.

The American University of Europe on the G20…

Empowering people towards new frontiers while safeguarding the planet;
A Proactive stance of the American University of Europe at the verge of the G20-2022 Summit.

The year 2022, is definitely on the Economic and Educational levels the year of global hangover…


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